Australia’s First Indian Restaurant Which Are giving the Best Services In Fitzroy Melbourne Offering Organic Food.


Best Indian Restaurant in Carlton North

Fitz Curry Café: Carlton North

Carlton North the inner suburb of Melbourne is a lovely localethat is quiet, safe and beautiful. Just walking distance from the CBD, the region is well-served by good restaurants, cafes pubs, shopping strips, bookshops, business houses, a great transport system and much more. No wonder, Carlton North holds an appeal for professionals, bureaucrats and academics alike.

Magic on a Plate:
Want to enjoy Indian cuisine that is a delightful blend of freshly ground spices, aromatic flavours,and the most exotic ingredients? Head to Fitz Curry Café in Carlton North, Melbourne! The local takeaway boasts an array of fresh, authentic Indian delights that can create magic on a plate!

Outstanding Dishes:
Fitz Curry Café in Carlton North brings an impressive line of the most savoured classical and traditional recipes that are exceptional in taste and quality at the most affordable price tags. The creative menuwhich is an interesting fusion of delicious snacks,vegetarian and non-vegetarian wonders embodies India’s amazing culinary diversity. Some outstanding dishes includeMumbai Chicken Tikkas, Tandoori Sizzlers, Chicken Makhani, Mushroom Muttar, Chicken Sizzlers, AlooGobi, Mumbai Chicken Tikkas, Navaratan Korma, Beef Saag Walla, an assortment of Biryanis and Prawn Vindaloo. And yes, the Onion Bhajias and Tandoori Mushrooms are other lip-smacking delicacies that deserve special mention. In addition, there is a wonderful selection of accompaniments like Chutneys, Pickles, Naans, Rotis, Kulchas, Rice, Salads, andRaitasto name a few. Let’s not overlook the dessert section. The dining restaurant serves mind-boggling treats like Kulfi, Kheer and GulabJamuns. Above all, the portion servings are massive and real value for money.

Fresh Food at your Doorstep:
Don’t fancy waiting in long queues of crowded restaurants? Fitz Curry Café in Carlton North offers an efficient service that delivers food items right at your doorstep! Ah…there’s more! The popular café also caters for all sorts of events from corporate meets, birthdays, social gatherings, private dinners, to office parties,and buffets. Just leaf through their versatile menu and choose the desired cuisine to make any occasion memorable. So what say…ready to sample the best Indian cuisine in Carlton North?