Australia’s First Indian Restaurant Which Are giving the Best Services In Fitzroy Melbourne Offering Organic Food.


Best Indian Restaurant in East Melbourne

The Fitz Curry Café: East Melbourne

East Melbourne, bordered to the north by Victoria Parade and to the east by Hoddle Street and Richmond is touted as the most desirable place to reside. With beautiful heritage homes, parklands, green leafy streets, sporting grounds, iconic attractions, excellent commuting service and easy access to some great eateries, cafes and nightclubs, the charming suburb has it all!

Exquisite Indian Cuisine Looking for a unique dining experience that will transport you to the magical shores of the Indian sub-continent? The Fitz Curry Café in East Melbourne will definitely not disappoint! With an emphasis on impeccable food quality and authentic ingredients, the local takeaway provides diners with avant-garde Indian cuisine.

A full Menu to Savour Fitz Curry Café’s expertise in Indian delights is second to none. The popular dining restaurant in East Melbourne whips up an impressive range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of amazing taste.The zesty recipes, exploding with fresh ingredients, a dash of exotic spices, fragrant herbs,and delicious flavours are truly mouth-watering. Menu highlights include Mumbai Chicken Tikkas, Tandoori Sizzlers, Chicken Makhani, Mushroom Muttar, Aloo Gobi and Navaratan Korma. The Beef Saag Walla and Prawn Vindaloo, in particular, are winners. There is an exquisite selection of Snacks, Samosas, Biryanis, Breads, Naans, Rotis, Salads, Chutney, Pickles,and Raitas. Apart from a whole gamut of truly tradition fare,there is a delectable assortment of desserts like Kheer, Kulfi (Mango/ Pista) and Gulab Jamuns to die for. And yes, the menu also includes a decent range of Indian cocktails along with a number of wines. Last but not the least the servings are fresh, generous and reasonably priced.

Versatile & Well Equipped:
The Fitz Curry Café in East Melbourne has a lot more to offer! It is well equipped to cater for different occasions, be it an intimate gathering, a lavish buffet, birthday party, a celebration or a small, private corporate get-together. Not to forget, the cafes quick and reliable home delivery! So, start ordering now to satisfy your cravings!